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This Ramadan Lipton wanted to show how giving up something you love, can make a huge difference to the lives of others.


there are so many people living colourless lives. so, Lipton gave up its iconic colours to remind people that simple human connections can add colour to the lives of others.


Black and white packs were released across Egypt and the GCC and sold in stores and online. For every pack sold during ramadan, Lipton contributed to a worthy cause in the hope of adding colour to those in need of it the most. A hashtag was created to keep the conversation going. An inspirational film that slowly turned colourful with every human connection ran online alongside a host of digital and social . media assets. Lipton also collaborated with charitable entities in the region, organising a suhoor in Egypt with donations to our charity and lightning up streets of KSA with special Ramadan lights. The campaign became one of the most talked about this Ramadan. it prodded the question that if Lipton could give up its colours for others, what's stopping the rest of us? 

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