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Fady Youssef Rofaeel

Fady is a passionate, awarded creative leader with more than 12 years of experience across the advertising landscape. He has worked with some of the world's biggest brands and most awarded agencies in the MENA region.

With his passion for art and design, Fady started his journey as a graphic designer in Cairo, Egypt, where he also earned his degree in Graphic Design. He started his career in advertising at FP7 Cairo in 2010 as an art director, where he began to be an awarded creative.

Fady has a real appreciation for true insights, history, texture, and the roots of everything! 9 years ago, he moved to Dubai, where he was influenced by multi-cultural experiences that shaped his mind.

Fady is a recycling fanatic; he transforms objects into living characters to tell a story in one shot.


During the Egyptian revolution, he co-founded - a colloquial term that literally means “if you have blood,” which basically refers to your conscience. Law3andakDam is an online service that matches blood donors and patients in need of blood, based on location and blood type.


Currently, Fady is living in Dubai with his wife and a 3 year old son who is teaching him more life lessons.


Cannes lions 

3 Silver: 

- Digital Craft

- Media 

- Creative Commerce

5 shortlist:

- Direct

- Sustainable

- Media

- Creative Commerce

London International Awards 

1 Silver: 

- Creativity In The Metaverse 

1 Bronze: 

- Creativity In The Metaverse 


4 Gold:

- Digital Craft 'Outstanding Digital Illustrations

- Digital Craft 'Innovative Techniques

- Creative eCommerce

- The Future

2 Silver:

- The Wish We'd Thought of that award

- The Media Magic Award

2 Bronze

- Direct:

- OMG Award


2 Silver: 

- Design: Design for Digital

- PR & Media Communication: PR Campaign

2 Bronze: 

- Print Communication: Print Advertising

- Digital Communication: Digital Applications

1 Craft Certificate: 

- Digital Communication: Use of Technology

Dubai Lynx 

1 Silver:

- Design 2013

5 Bronze:

- Print 2014

- Film 2012

- Film 2011

Mad Stars 

2 Silver:

- Creative eCommerce

- Peace & Justice

2 Bronze:

- Diverse Insights

- Human Rights

4 Crystal:

- Print Craft, Art direction

- Brand Experience & Activation

- Media

- Special, Pivot

Effie MENA 

1 Silver: 

- Shopper Marketing 2017

Caples Awards

Direct Mail & Print 2014

MENA Cristal

1 Silver:

- Print / Art Direction 2014

1 Emerald:

- Film

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